Friday, January 22, 2016

Inkscope V1.3.1 is available

A new release of Inkscope is available on Github. This release is tested on Firefly,  Hammer and Infernalis.

Installation from scratch is described here.
Migration from V1.2 is described here
The complete list of changes is:

  • change log path and make wsgi for ceph-rest-api the default
  • remove console
  • add date info on hosts and probes page
  • enhance flag management and compatibility with Hammer and Infernalis
  • enhance rhel71 compatibility (suggested by Paul Hewlett)
  • add ceph version detection
  • #58 new parameters in pool info (Hammer, Infernalis)
  • navigation enhancement
  • fix issue #59 (Erasure code profile creation: error messages)
  • fix issue #60 (Infernalis: mtime format for bucket info has changed)
  • fix issue #55 (compatibility with 0.94)
  • fix non functional near and full indicators
  • fix text for invalid data
  • fix overlaying display of OSD on right panel
  • fix OSD space  ratio filtering when no stat
  • manage ceph probe connection error