Monday, May 2, 2016

Inkscope V1.4.0 is available

A new release of Inkscope is available on Github.

Installation from scratch is described here.

The main feature of this release is Monitoring Ceph with collectd and influxdb.
This feature is optinal but can be activated following this wiki page instructions.

The complete list of changes is:
  • monitoring with Influxdb and collectd-ceph
  • fix pg chart
  • take cluster name for various functions in Inkscope controller
  • fix issue #61: display bug on osd pages with Firefox 43
  • fix path for ceph-rest-api in standalone mode
  • fix full refresh of data
  • fix typo, add info for a standalone ceph_rest_api
  • fix login issue
  • fix osd page: lookup hostids in db before using socket.fqdn
  • fix S3 object visualization bug on getChunkBaseName
  • fix issue #67 add inkscope_root
  • delete redundent import and fix the style of import
  • add favicon