Friday, February 6, 2015

inkscope lite

Inkscope lite is a visualization only version of Inkscope.

All you need for it is Apache and a running ceph-rest-api. You don't need any database or probe.

The installation proccess is very simple:
1- download and unzip the inkscope-lite package (link)
2- start a ceph-rest-api
2- configure Apache
4- Enjoy!

For more detail on InkScope lite , go there .

Download inkscope-lite


  1. Great piece of work thanks! Only problem is that I cannot manage to have poolspgsosds.html working. To me, it seems that /api/v0.1/pg/dump.json does not contain any pg['stat_cat_sum']
    Could you please advise? What am I doing wrong?

  2. It appears that 'stat_cat_sum' doesn't appear any more in 0.94 (it appears in 0.80 and older versions of Ceph ).
    It could be replaced by 'stat_sum' that exists and is feed since 0.80.

    I open an issue ( The fix seems easy