Monday, February 2, 2015

Managing Crush map buckets with Ceph Rest API

Possibilities for managing buckets are:
  • add-bucket
  • link
  • move
  • rm or remove
The URL syntax is :

/api/v0.1/link?name=bucketname&args=buckettype=bucketname [args=buckettype=bucketname]


R1- /api/v0.1/add-bucket?name=myhost&type=host

R2- /api/v0.1/link?name=myhost&args=datacenter=houston&args=root=default

R1 will create 'myhost' of type 'host' but with no link
R2 will create or establish a tree for 'myhost' in crushmap

root -> datacenter ->host
default -> Houston -> myhost

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