Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Inkscope V1.3 is available

A new release of Inkscope is available on Github. This release is tested on Firefly and Hammer.

Installation from scratch is described here.
Migration from V1.2 is described here

The main changes are the Access control to Inkscope with different roles

New management page for Inkscope users

and the management of Rados Block Devices. 

New management page for RBD

The complete list of changes is:

  • add Inkscope access control and roles
  • add Inkscope user management page
  • add Block Device Images management
  • add about inkscope page
  • enhance osd info and selection regarding relative used space
  • enhance pool management errors
  • add view inkscope config page
  • add possibility to reweight osd in OSD status view
  • add osd info in osd perf page
  • enhance S3 bucket info
  • enhance S3 user info
  • add new pools graph in pool management
  • add details on selected pool and relevant rule
  • add pool distribution on osd map
  • allow search in osd maps
  • add the possibility to add a platform name on every screen just have to add "platform":"whatyouwant", in inkscope.conf
  • add status history graph for OSD
  • fix issue when deleting cache tiering concerned pools
  • fix issue when deleting Swift key
  • fix issue on pools list
  • fix issues when inkscope is behind a firewall or proxy
  • fix stat_cat_sum missing in 0.94 and later (#53)
  • fix pb on logrotate
  • fix sort and search on erasure code table (#51)
  • fix osd map issues when some informations are missing

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