Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Inkscope V1.3: migration from V1.2

edit: 18/01/2016 Inkscope 1.3.1 version  

One of the new features is the access control of Inkscope.

On the Inkscope server, this needs a new python module that you can install with:

    pip install flask-login

Then you can upgrade Inkscope packages with:

    apt-get update
    apt-get upgrade

You'll also have to upgrade all the servers where cephprobes and sysprobes are installed.

For the access control features, a new database (inkscope) is created in mongo at the first launch with two users:
- one with the admin role (User 'admin' with password 'admin')
- a second with supervizor role (User 'guest', no password)
Fill free to add your own admin user and delete the default one.

If your mongoDB is authenticated, you'll have to connect to mongoDB as admin and grant access for your mongo inkscope user to an 'inkscope' database.

For example:
    mongo -u <admin> -p <adminpwd> admin
    >use inkscope
<Your_user_description> can be found with the following:
    >use <ceph fsid>

Then restart probes and then apache

That's it !

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